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The Largest Global Network of Electric Charging, Storage and Service Stations for Micromobility Infrastructure

We have a growing network of over 6,000 locations across the United States and Europe to install Charge's suite of micromobility products.

Charging Smart-Hub

Charge A Lot

Mass charging centers capable of charging over 70 e-scooters at a time to support the gig-economy of juicers and chargers. Strategically located in dense urban areas to maximizes charging capabilities while reducing downtime.

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Charging Smart-Station

Charge Up

Battery powered charging station designed to address the major shortcomings of micromobility while cleaning up sidewalk clutter. Allowing cities to safely welcome this transportation revolution.  

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Noa Khamallah

Digital Smart-Parking

Clean Them Up

Highly scalable, digital infrastructure to enable location-smart parking. Allows cities and e-scooter operators to designate dedicated parking locations.

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Parking Stations

Stand Them Up

Functional stations designed to provide designated parking for e-scooters while reducing clutter on city streets and sidewalks. Custom designs by local artists.

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Digital Sponsorship

Charging and Advertising

Charging smart-station with large screen for digital sponsorship and advertising. Provides the opportunity to leverage high foot-traffic to generate additional revenue.

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Noa Khamallah

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