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Design & Engineering

End-to-end scalable solutions for intelligent networks

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We create and maintain intelligent networks that are designed for the future.

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Broadband Powers the Future of Use Cases

Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB)

High speed and moderate latency.

Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communications (URLLC)

Low to medium speeds with very low latency.

Massive Machine Type Communications (mMTC)

Low speeds, asynchronous access and 10-year battery life.

UHD Mobile Streaming

Augmented Reality

Autonomous Vehicles

Remote Surgery

Smart Cities

Industrial IoT

Wireless Services

Achieve optimal network performance in various venues such as multi-tenant properties, manufacturing facilities, stadiums, and university campuses with a tailored indoor and outdoor wireless infrastructure. Starting with the initial needs assessment, through the engineer, design and installation stages, ANS provides end-to-end custom connectivity solutions for your facility’s next-generation wireless infrastructure needs.

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Planning, Design & Installation

Our proven end-to-end project management processes continually exceed customer expectations for quality and cost-effectiveness and consistently ensure all critical project deadlines are met.

  • 4G and 5G private network solutions
  • CBRS Spectrum and ON GO ecosystem
  • DAS in-building wireless
  • Network infrastructure
  • EV charging stations
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Tower & Antenna Installation

Deriving strength from decades worth of experience, our technicians provide build-to-suit cell services for wireless service providers, cell tower developers/owners, and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

  • Road construction
  • Cell tower erection
  • Interior buildout
  • Antenna system Installation
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Monitoring & Maintenance

Leverage scheduled inspections and comprehensive preventative maintenance services, from structural assessments to complete system upgrades, to ensure your tower and network infrastructures are at peak performance.

  • Tower and network inspections and facility evaluations
  • 24/7 on-call NOC technicians
  • Alarm verification
  • Annual inspection
  • System performance upgrades
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Streamline your DC power project by leveraging our deep project management expertise and ensure a reliable and secure network for your facility.

  • Quality audit
  • Estimating and budgets
  • Environmental buildout
  • Site selection, analysis & supervision
  • Zoning and permitting approvals
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(EF&I Services)

Maintain confidence in your network’s reliability by delegating the installation, replacement, removal, relocation and engineering of all telecom solutions.

  • Power plant and battery additions
  • RF Engineering
  • DC bus-duct additions
  • BDFB & BDCBB additions/upgrades
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Test & Turn-Up

Provides 24/7 telecoms power testing and monitoring to improve network visibility, increase deployment speed, and lower on-going operating costs.

  • Dedicated and experienced DC Power and EF&I Technicians
  • Battery capacity testing
  • Thermographs
  • Connection inspection
  • Controller Set Points
  • UPS backup battery systems

Structural Modification Services

Our turnkey cell tower and structural modification solutions encompass a full range of comprehensive modifications. Our certified and experienced welder teams are capable of fulfilling advanced and specialized customer requests such as monopole welding, guy tower services, and self-support modifications. From bolt-on modifications to foundation augmentations, through the most complex welding projects, ANS will complete your unique cell tower project on time while meeting all required third-party inspection requirements.

4G and 5G Private Network Solutions

Take the advantages of carrier grade networks by deploying your own 4G or 5G private network for the enhanced security, quality of service, and latency. From connecting students requiring connectivity, to enabling automation in your IoT and machine networks, our team can help you design and maximize the impact of your private network, utilizing the CBRS spectrum and the OnGo ecosystem of products and solutions.

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Enterprise Solutions

A dedicated team of RF engineers work to develop highly customizable connectivity solutions built with the strategic foresight to predict the unique needs of each situation. Our goal is to ensure the longevity of the system and to provide a dependable signal where you are.

We provide customized solutions to address 4G and 5G connectivity, private networks, public safety, and Wi-Fi, building your reliable connections to wireless devices to keep people and critical systems connected.

  • Campus Environments
  • Stadiums and Arenas
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Logistics and Industrial Facilities
  • Commercial Offices and Flex Spaces

Network Monitoring & Maintenance

Our network monitoring and maintenance services provide facilities with a consistent network connection for maximum business output and worry-free reliability, maximizing network investment.

Whether your facility has a DAS, small cell network, public safety system, or private network; our network monitoring and maintenance solution can ease your mind and improve your system performance. Providing a proactive network troubleshooting approach versus reacting to a possible detrimental business consequence.

  • System Monitoring
  • Remote Platform Visibility & Reporting
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • RF Surveys
  • Dispatch of Internal & Third-Party Resources

DAS Installation

Strengthen your business and building internet coverage by delegating a DAS installation to ANS established EF&I experts. Provide reliable, dramatically improved wireless signals by installing a state-of-the-art distributed antenna system inside your building.

  • Consultation and Code Review
  • Compliance Testing and Acceptance
  • Cabling and Facility Engineering
  • Integration and Optimization
  • Turnkey and Phased Deployment

DAS Remote Monitoring

Real-time customer-specific DAS and network remote monitoring services empowered by artificial intelligence provide businesses with granular metrics, to predictive troubleshooting from any connected device. Monitor DAS, small cell and all networks including supporting components (HVAC, UPS, access controls, etc.), through a single pane of glass.  Businesses can remain confident that their network is operating at peak performance and proactively address potential issues.

Cloud Monitoring your Network and Devices

Leverage predictive insights and ensure your facility and assets are operating at full capacity with a custom remote monitoring and maintenance solution. Our intelligent remote monitoring software, Peel-IT, utilizes artificial intelligence to proactively identify issues and continually optimize end-to-end system performance.

Partner with us

Network Integrators

As part of your final layer to a network infrastructure build-out, partner with us on large RFP’s to expand your client base.

Telecom Product Manufacturers

As a reseller we partner with manufacturers to provide solutions and installation of telecom products as part of a bidding process.


We provide turnkey nationwide solutions for project management installation, maintenance and repair for your customers.

Architects and Urban Planners

Partner with us to collaborate on design, engineering and proposed solutions to engage municipalities with smart city technologies.


DC Power experts solving the most complex EF&I projects

ANS provides complete end-to-end DC power services, including design, engineering, installation, maintenance, and commissioning services for major wireless and wireline carriers, cable providers, and commercial enterprises. 

Unlock the power of a high performing network.  Build your project on assurance and reliability with our comprehensive and reliable DC power services. Whether your facility needs a battery replacement, upgrade or a complete DC plant buildout, our team of experienced DC power specialists will ensure the successful deployment of your custom-built DC power solution.

Power Plant Maintenance

Our customized maintenance programs are designed with the safety and security of your network in mind. ANS is your single-point-of-contact for all of your power plant maintenance needs including customized reports, capacity and back-up power analysis, thermal scan analysis, equipment audits, drawing purification plans, and AC and DC distribution updates.

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Make your facility future-ready with an indoor wireless solution that delivers coverage today and will be ready for tomorrow. Facility owners have unique needs to address for code compliance, tenant connectivity, and automation. The unique needs of your facility are reviewed with ANS’ trusted team to determine the best solution for your facility whether a distributed antenna system (DAS), small cell system for 4G and 5G connectivity, public safety repeater for emergency services, private LTE or 5G solution, or an optimized Wi-Fi system.

ANS provides complete turnkey in-building wireless services, including consultation, design, integration, installation, and monitoring of your in-building wireless network to provide enhanced public safety and the best wireless experience for your employees, building tenants, and patrons.


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